Student Projects Showcase


Presenting to you a showcase of the various individual/team projects currently in their developmental stages.
Young Entrepreneur Program 2018

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Young Entrepreneurs Program 2017 Participants

Young Entrepreneurs Program YEP) provided Murdoch students in Perth and Singapore the opportunity to develop creative solutions to real world problems.

1. Kiwa Tech Wear (Winner)

L-R: A/Prof Chris Vas (Director, SCRIPT), Mr Lester Chan (Judge), Mr Tristan Ward (Team Kiwa Tech Wear – winner), Mr Adam Kinnest (Team Kwa Tech Wear – winner), A/Prof Peter Waring (Dean, Murdoch Singapore), Prof Patrick Loh (Judge), Mr Richard Wiles (Judge), Ms Liza Noonan (Judge)

Our project began with a simple idea of how to help those people who need it the most such as our ageing population and those with mobility issues, with the support of Gemstar in guiding us on how to understand the market, understanding our personal brand and future business brand.

Over the course of our masterclasses, we began to form our product and how we would deliver it to those who need it the most.

We explored the best possible market strategy and how that translated into a solid business model.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia helped with fine tuning our business model.

2. The Parents Club (formerly known as The Party Click) 

a) Amritha Andrews b) Eden Heng

parent-clube-Commerce solution that aggregates party supplies providers/ event planners/ F&B/ venue providers for the modern working parent who wants to throw a birthday party for their kids


3. Costa Blue

a) Amal Jose, b) Elysha Lai, c) Yasha Rao

yashaA zero-waste valliculture / aquaculture business that aims to supply catfish locally with export markets to the EU

Innovate Singapore 2016/17 Participants

1. Abigail Yuwaneswari Pilapil Krishna Murthy (Winner)

Abigail Yuwaneswari Pilapil Krishna Murthy, inaugural winner of Innovate Singapore, pictured together with the judges.
Innovate Singapore 2017 judges and inaugural winner. L-R: Mr Raj Singh, VanPeak (CEO), Assoc Prof Peter Waring, Murdoch Singapore (Dean), Ms Abigail Yuwaneswari Pilapil Krishna Murthy (Innovate winner), Mr Peter Welsh, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Ag Cty Head), Ms Gemma Manning, Gemstar Technology (MD), Prof Patrick H M Loh, Murdoch Singapore (Chair, Special Advisory Board)


Collab is an automated grant consultant that offers value added services to its consumers. It works like LinkedIn where consumers get access to the different types of grants available and is time efficient with the availability of a grant generator. Consumers can choose to pay for the value-added services where different packages of grants are offered as well as data analysis of the industry and successful grants applied for in the database. In addition, consumers are kept updated with upcoming new grants and any changes in grants in which consumers are informed should they be eligible to apply for the grants.

2. Darren Li, Robert Natividad & John Joju (1st runner-up)

L-R: Raj Singh, Assoc Prof Peter Waring, John Joju, Robert Natividad, Darren Li, Peter Welsh, Gemma Manning, Prof Patrick Loh    ck

Career (K)night (CK)

CK is an online job portal that targetting odd-hour jobs and night/evening shift jobs (hence the word play with Knight/night). While online job portals are aplenty, there is a gap in the evening/night shift niche. As more people are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with the standard office hours, we envision more work opportunities in the future to cater to non-standard hours. By targeting a niche market, CK is building an application to target the needs of niche users.
On CK app, besides the normal job search filters such as salary/qualification, there is an additional filter by working hours. For example, if a user filters by work hours from 4pm – 11pm, a list of job offerings that allows for that time arrangements is displayed.
The idea evolved from a similar idea presented at the Innovate Singapore competition. We made the pivot after taking advice from mentors at Gemstar to target a smaller niche.

3. Lata Mohan, Adrian Irvananto, Nor llyana & Adlina Hajidah (2nd runner-up)

L-R: Raj Singh, Assoc Prof Peter Waring, Lata Mohan, Nor llyana , Adlina Hajidah, Adrian Irvananto, Peter Welsh, Gemma Manning, Prof Patrick Loh

Renewal energy management framework for SMEs in ASEAN regions

Utilisation of kinetic energy of raindrops and footstep movements of people as part of the overall energy management in ASEAN SMEs using a proposed framework called KEU (Kinetic Energy Utilization).

Focuses on how new technology adoption integrated with people/process/product transformation can provide efficient and effective energy management for SMEs.

The adoption of this new technological framework KEU would not only ensure SMEs across ASEAN regions utlilize a greener form of energy but also pave the way for advancements in the renewable energy sector.

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