The TNE Learning Centre (TLC) is a dedicated platform that aims to help students at the Singapore and Malaysia campuses to improve their academic skills and personal development.

The TNE Learning Centre (TLC) offers various workshops that are designed to assist students in achieving their academic goals while also promoting personal growth. The online platform provides a convenient and accessible way for students to participate and learn at their own pace.

Students can attend free seminars and workshops on topics such as Using Generative AI, Academic Writing, Exam Preparation, and Effective Presentation. These sessions are specifically designed to enhance your skills and improve your academic performance. The TLC encourages all students to take advantage of this opportunity and register for the available workshops that cater to their academic needs.

You can access TLC by signing in to myMurdochLearning, which is our Learning Management System (LMS). If you face any issues while signing in to your LMS, you may contact the Murdoch IT Service Desk at

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For more information, contact Dr. Tarin Ong, Lecturer, Learning Support & Psychology at

Hear what our students have to say about the Programme. Read the testimonials of our students here.

“The workshop and learning consultations were meaningful and effective because I learned different tips and advice on how to do a successful assignment as well as managing time well for exam. I will be able to use most of the tips for the upcoming exams and assignments. The learning consultation was helpful as I was able to rectify the mistakes made on the assignment” – Jonathan, Singapore (Bachelor of Business)

“The Workshops have helped me better prioritise my tasking using the Eisenhower matrix. In addition, have helped me better understand my learning style to improve my learning experience. Working in a group became more effective after understanding the DISC profile for my teammates by knowing and picking the right person for the task. I’m grateful that I have made the right choice to attend all the workshops”– Marco, Singapore (Bachelor of Information Technology)

“Dr Tarin has been of great help to me at Murdoch University. I reached out to her early in my first term of studies here in Murdoch and she has been as transparent on the entire process of accessibility and inclusion that the university is trying to bring across. Follow-up consultations and workshops have also been helpful to find out about my strengths and weaknesses and also for myself to assimilate back into studying life with ease” – Winn, Singapore (Bachelor of Communication)

“The workshop on ‘Fundamentals of Academic Reading and Writing’ provided a guide on how to structure my write-up and the appropriate choice of words/ language. I feel less stressed and more assured now”– Anonymous, Undergraduate Student, Singapore

“I attended the ‘Learning to Learn Online’ and ‘Examination Preparation’ workshops. Both workshops help provide insights and knowledge on how to tackle and break down the objective of learning online and preparing for examination into smaller manageable tasks. Thank You, Dr. Tarin Ong, for your valuable time and effort in conducting the sessions. Highly recommend that classmates and students attend the workshops” – Steven, Singapore (Bachelor of Information Technology)

“I have attended Dr. Tarin’s workshops on Foundations of Academic Reading and Writing and Exam Preparation. I feel more comfortable writing essays and understand how to study for examinations now that I’ve attended the workshops!  I am more assured and eager to put what I have learned into practice. Thank you Dr. Tarin for your enthusiasm for the workshops you have conducted and for fostering our growth and learning! – Terence, Singapore (Bachelor of Cyber Security and Forensic)