Championing Good Public Relation Practices with Murdoch Students

28 June 2017


Resourceful Murdoch students have tapped into an international network of industry professionals, potentially unlocking new career opportunities.

Murdoch University’s inaugural Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS) student chapter has instigated connections with renowned public relations (PR) professionals at the first-ever student-organised event.

Held at Kaplan’s Synergy Pod – utilising their latest multimedia classroom – the Singapore “PR Insights 101” event was a fascinating session, with experienced figures from Singapore’s PR industry, including President of IPRS, Mr Robert Conceicao imparting valuable knowledge onto the students.

“Affiliated to the IPRS, Murdoch’s IPRS student chapter is the first of its kind to be set up at the offshore Singapore campus,” Dr Tania Lim, Lecturer in Communications said.

“As the IPRS is the professional body for PR practitioners in Singapore, the Student Chapter is now plugged into a distinguished network of PR professionals, who will bring Murdoch students ever closer to the PR industry.

“Having worked with many corporations and public agencies in Singapore over the years, Robert gave invaluable insights, while Associate lecturer Anjna Nihalani delved into the domain of leading a Communications team in the corporate world.

“The Student Chapter Committee is led by a diverse student body and many other dynamic, creative Murdoch University students who are budding Communications, media and PR specialists in the making.

“Encouraging free thinkers and enriching their knowledge of real-world skills, trends and best PR practices, we can look forward to more of their exciting student-led activities, including student visits to leading media companies based in Singapore, such as Instagram.”

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